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Bear Shola Falls


Bear Shola Falls, 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) from the bus-stand, is a enhancing fountain in a Source jungles. Bear Shola falls is an ideal eat outside identify in Kodai within 2 Kms of the stream, where preserves came to stay hydrated once. The biggest sketch near to this quiet Bear Shola falls is a soothingly ascending foot-path


It is awesome for a day out. It is the aspects for a circulation which needs the name of Parappar and later Tevankarai Aar as it goes down. The Keep Shola Drops is ideal to analyze out during stormy period have fun with the advantage the falls to its extensiveness.



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The strategy direction to this falls is a challenging mountain direction and hence appropriate indicates of transportation is essential to arrive at the falls. The shola jungles all around will get in touch with the creatures fan and there is a tangible notice for brief trip into the further insane.


Keep Shola falls is situated around 3 km from Kodaikanal bus take a position in the source jungles. Apart from delayed monsoon period there may not be much water, however 1 km trip within the jungles until the falls is an awesome experience.



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