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Bombay Shola


Bombay Shola is a 25-hectare organic woodlands place of timber set among the increasing disorder and development of the nearby city. It is located next to the Kodaikanal lake basin. It was known as by a Significant Partridge of the Bombay Military in 1852, who camped on its eastern edge which is now the Bryant park in Kodaikanal. Many native and migrating birds are seen in serenity here.




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Bombay shola was identified as reserve forest before Freedom, but now there has been stress on its sources and place. Several trekking paths coils through these woodlands. Bombay Shola is detailed as an Essential Fowl Area that is ought to have security for its avifauna and environment in a book from the Bombay Natural Record Community and Birdlife Worldwide, in 2004. Attempts are now under direction to protect Bombay Shola.


A huge 500 season old shrub, syzygium densiflorum, said to be the earliest in the Palni Mountains is an included fascination in this Shola forest.





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