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Devil's Kitchen


Devil's Kitchen is a remarkable perfidious spacious hide pointed area that has a likeness to a little black dugout but is an in-depth drop in reality. These are significant unusual stone structures lead due to the dressed in down of the loam from the coves. Small going up on the nearby mountain will give spectacular opinions of valleys further than 1500 legs below. Small wildlife and several crazy birds can be seen here. The Devil's kitchen which is generally known as Guna cavern has evolved as one of the most favorite areas for visitors viewing Kodaikanal. Wish you don't skip discovering this factor on your trip to Kodaikanal. The Devil's kitchen is certainly a thrilling position to discover being blended with a little risk. Once a troop of 12 individuals got further into the cavern and never came back it seems. To arrive at to this position you will have to take a turn from Principal Stones at the road resulting in Berijam Pond, where you will find a little stroll through the maple woodlands past which you can arrive at the Devil's Kitchen or Guna Caverns.



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The Devil's Kitchen is found to be relaxing between the Green Valley View point and the Pillar Rocks. A local person to guide you while viewing the Devil's Kitchen would be a sensible choice since they would be absolutely aware of the safety measures to check out this position. It stand as an excellent spot for capturing images and film making, on the other hand, some visitors skip the trip to this position considering the greatly drop. The Devil's Kitchen also known as as Guna cave is greatly bat-infested empty position between three normally set magnificent rocks (Pillar Rocks). Devil's Kitchen got the name Guna Caverns after it converted to be a loving hijacker's lair for the Tamil film Guna. Young people chanter angstful "Abiramiiiii!"s standing just outside the walls around the cavern.



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