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Bryant Park


The Bryant Park was designed and developed in 1908 by a woodlands officer from Madurai, H.D.Bryant, the same was named after him later. Bryant Park Towards the eastern of Kodaikanal pond a 500 meters (1,600 ft)away from the Kodaikanal bus stand, is a extremely managed organic garden spread across 20.5 miles (8.3 ha).This park will have a variety of stunning blossoms during the peak period having 325 kinds of trees and shrubs, plants and cactuses.



The major section of Bryant Park is dedicated to nearly 740 types of flowers. There is a Eucalyptus shrub since 1857 and a Bodhi shrub which contributes a religious importance to the Bryant Park. Decorative plants are developed in the nursery room for sale. The Bryant Park sets up for gardening events and flower shows every summer period, which correlates with the peak period. Entry fee to the park is affordable and is open all through year.



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A Flower show will organized by the Horticulture department during every summer as part of the summer time period event. Enormous vegetables and blossoms from nearby towns contend for the awards, on this occasion which attracts big audience. The display consists of blossoms, vegetables, fruits and other items. It works as a practical education center for students on Decorative Horticulture providing a clear representation. The students are taught about the different methods trimming, flourishing, grafting, planting seeds collection etc, at times to the visitors too.




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