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Dolphin's nose


Dolphin's Nostril - an amazing reflection of organic majesty - A sleek protruding rock at the benefits of the corner, below which an excellent stage of near to 6600 feet preserves your breathing away for an example. It is discovered about 8 km away from the Berijam Lake, in Kodaikanal. Seven miles from the Kodaikanal Lake, a neighbor's organic growth of rock, just like the nasal area of a dolphin jutting out over an in-depth place.


The place of Periyakulam town and Vaigai Lake are basically recognizable on sunlight. You can reach this aspect through a one km journey from Vattakkanal town until where mild vehicles can go. The aspect is 1960 measures above sea stage. There is a close by echo-point from where noisy shouts or shrieks will generate reverberations through several shows.



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To reach Dolphin's nasal area, you will have to keep on to the old road soon after shift across the Pambar Weblink near splitting circulation. A challenging extend models the hillside which requires you to a aspect where a sleek rock projects over a dreadful chasm of 6600 feet greatly. The old town of Vellagavi is accessible through the challenging management route. Make sure that you use comfortable footwear as you journey through the forests area. The road through has several exciting views offering an remarkable viewpoint of the forests secured by the weather. The components will be more eye-catching through Oct to Objective as Sun peeps through this vegetation along with a new measurement to its beauty.


It's out around the globe experience to take a place on the benefits of the rock. You will enjoy the most awesome and frightening moments of life as you get near to the Dolphin nose Atmosphere finish through you and creating you experience the fresh air through your speech. Mountains around are mostly secured by environment.


A must check out place during your trip to KodaiKanal.

The name comes from its apparent similarity of a Dolphin's nasal place. (There is a similar rock and place in Ooty too known as by the same name). This is an awe-inspiring vision though we have amazing sites throughout the way.


This is one of the key significant locations in Kodai to find the forests around. Comprehend awesome views of the scenery place on the corner of the rock. The whole place is secured with environment most of the time. An awesome experience indeed.




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