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La Salette chapel in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, is familiar for its eye-catching and vintage chapels. Its prosperous Religious customs and exercise, still appears unique. One of the first chapels is the "Mother Sallette" chapel, which is outdated 133 years. A remarkable festival occurs at La Sallette chapel every season on the Fourteenth and Fifteenth of Aug. This brings the summary to a Nine-day event. This event attracts worshippers from all over southern Indian, regardless of belief, creed or believe in. The event is noticeable by outstanding solutions and a unique procession.

The sculptural elegance of the chapels in Kodaikanal contributes to the natural beauty of the nature and offer not just inner but creative satisfaction as well. Father  Louis Saint Ceer maintains the identification of being the first catholic priest of Sallette Mada chapel. Dad Louis is a aspect of theChirst Church. He came to Kodaikanal on 1852 for once, visiting by horse  for 4 times crossing thunders and heavy rainfall. When he came Kodai, there was only Baynes, Parker, Clark, Parday cottages. After testing this he came back to the simply.
In the season 1860, May Twenty fourth Father Louis came with his father Rettary and stayed  in Baynes bungalow at Kodaikanal.

After few times they got the ownership of the Baynes bungalow under their responsibility on Sept 29. That bungalow was soon transformed as a relax home for the affiliates of Chirst Church. Father Rettary became the first President of the chapel. La-providence,a woman, contribute 20,000 rupees for the renovation of the bungalow. So Baynes bungalow was then known as La-providence. But it's sold out now. In 1858, Saint Ceer was seriously suffering from high temperature, with a lot of belief and trust he prayed to the Lady of La Sallette. Soon his health improved and he promised to create a church in Indian that would indicate the church of La Sallette in France. He decided to choose the mountainous area of  Kodaikanal to build  this unique House of God because the Church he wanted to imitate covered with in the excellent mountain rains of the alps.



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This church was constructed towards his heeling and to heel others as well. The platform for Mother Sallette Church was set on 1865 Feb 28. In the same season March 17 the  building developing work was began with the delights of Father  Saint Ceer. In 1866 the day, when brother Lamothy designed the bodies of the Church, thank's offering was satisfied. In the year 1866, the last weekend of May, Sallette Madha church was dedicated by Keanos. This is the first pilgrimage place in Indian for Mother Sallette. From 1866 ahead every last Sunday of May, the festival was renowned for Mother Sallette. Large group of folks used to journey from flatlands for 3 days to get to Mother Sallette Church.


Mrs. Kacondys assisted side to raise Sallette Matha church. Her daughter fell ill and was cured by the water of Sallette inty by the guidance of Saint Ceer. To express him the admiration she provide some amount which was helpful for rising the church . In the year 1869 Mr.Natigan the engineer at Dindigul contribute 19 acres of ground for Mom Salete Church.The entry of Mom Salate Church was recognized In the season 1883 and In between 1884 & 1885 the Church was prolonged 5 mtrs by its factors and the top side aspect is mounted with several spires that end in the determine of the combination and rectangle gong structure was also recognized.The sculpture of Mom Salete was blessed to Bob, the Baptist by Fara Bishop of Grenoble. Sacred Michael's sculpture was given as a commemorative sculpture to Dad Eileen Besard.Father E Ceer terminated on Jan Seventeenth, 1887. His heavenly system was burried at the entry of the Mom Salete Church.Summer event programs in the 30 days of May contains Plant Display, Dog Display and Vessel Reveals




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