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Moir point


Moir point is a great viewpoint aspect in Kodaikanal near the access of the Berijam Lake street. Yet an additional viewpoint aspect following the devil's kitchen on the Kodai - Cochin street, presenting an awesome viewpoint of a real place, the hills and a few areas (Chinnoor, Periyoor) in the hills are at times a go of places grazing in the hills. Moer point is at the place where the first sod was decreased by Sir Jackson Moir for the development of the Goschen street (Forty Range Road) in 1929. There is a primary in the storage space of the above event and the beginning of the street. It's a little improve up and down to the viewpoint factor.


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When the guests is somewhat less, you can get a glimpse of long tailed Horse. The forests check-post in this place disallows undesirable availability beyond this aspect through the street leading to Munnar via Berijam Lake. Also, a street causes the Goshen street (This is a street that comes from Observatory Road and gets to many areas like Poombarai, Kavunji, Mannavanoor, Kookaal etc.) meeting at this aspect finishing the well known 14 miles round. A viewpoint of the place below from the Moir point will be always well known by the viewers.




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