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Pine forests

The Pine forest in Kodaikanal is one amongst the most valued place to explore for those who really like taking images. In 1906, foreseeing to develop valuable wood, Mr. Dez bryant began the Kodaikanal pine farms in the south-west of Kodaikanal. The Pine forest is an wonderful site to visit. The landscapes at Pine forest is one of the most fantastic places to spend some time to experience the most relaxing and unforgettable moments of life. You would really like to take a position under the huge plants and feel small and secured by the characteristics mom.


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Discovering the Kodaikanal pine woodlands on the way to Mannavanur, you can see the woodlands ground protected by "magic mushrooms" - supposedly hallucinogenic - you would try to find out!


They are apparently quite acquainted with the young Israeli folks These thorough pine jungles are ghostly as many of the cones and tiny needles had dry and the pine tiny needles - fragments of debris - protected the forest ground and branches in a spooky colour of grayish white-colored.




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